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Losing your job via a layoff can certainly be an extremely traumatic and arduous experience. However, during these trying economic times, buoyed by a shrinking economy, the prospects for unemployment increase dramatically. Public companies find themselves in a situation where they have declining earnings, and the only way to pacify their stock-holding constituency and their ailing stock price is through forced reductions. For non-public companies, the situation is similar, in that declining revenues and profit, warrant staff reductions. During these kinds of turbulent economic times, employees have increased angst, and unemployment can either occur or be a threat to occur.

Employees need to be proactive during these times. They need to anticipate unemployment, and act accordingly. If you have already been layed off - then do not despair. We are going to help you get back on track.

Course of Action for Job Seekers

First and foremost, it is important to determine the type of job or career that you are seeking. Will you be looking for a position similar to your last job, or will you be embarking on a new career ? You, and only you, can answer these questions. Once you decide what you will be actively searching for, it is extremely important to understand that regardless of your technical abilities, the Internet is your friend during these times. Without question, the most important activities that you can perform, to significantly increase your chances for alternative employment or re-employment, are the

We recommend that you use Microsoft Word to prepare your resume, as this is the defacto standard in today's marketplace, since most firms use Microsoft Office.

Job-Seeker Job Boards

Once your resume has been completed, it is time to create accounts on all of the following job boards. Please note, that the following job boards are the most reputable and most utilized in the industry. Nowadays, they are used heavily by employers, who are searching for employees. Most employers have their favorite job board amongst those described below, and most of them do not frequent each of them. Thus, it is imperative and certainly wise to upload your resume to each of these job boards. Again, this will maximize your potential reach, and also will not cost you a penny. All of the job boards below allow you to post your resume on their board for free. All that will be required is that you create an account, sign up, and upload your resume to each board.

MAJOR Job Seeker Job Boards

You should post (upload) your resume to the following most-respected and highly utilized job boards (click on the links below):

SECONDARY Job Seeker Job Boards

Additionally, you may want to consider posting your resume to some of the following well-respected niche job boards:

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