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Employers, like job seekers, should always avail themselves of job boards, to place their job postings. More and more employees are putting their resumes online, and using job boards to obtain employment. Without question, employers can use the power of the Internet, to help recruit employees, that specifically match the criteria that they are looking for. Utilizing job boards, enables employers to tap into the largest workforce pool in the world. The efficiency of posting jobs on boards, and being able to electronically match skill sets to job requirements, has made the use of job boards by employers, the primary source of recruiting. Not only are efficiency concerns addressed, but the cost of recruiting is significantly reduced. Using a recruiting agency to find that perfect employee may cost anywhere from 6 % to 33 % of the position's starting salary; using a job board to post a position, and utilize the technology of the job board to actually fill the position, results in a small fraction of the cost. Hence, on multiple fronts, it behooves employers to post job positions on job boards.

Course of Action for Employers

Since employees in search of jobs, typically do not use and post their resumes on all of the major job boards, we highly recommend that employers post advertised positions on all (or as many) of the major job boards as possible. This will maximize an employer's reach, and provide the best overall bang for the buck. All of the major job boards permit positions to be posted to their board for a nominal cost, and typically provide an automated mechanism for matching key criteria for the position to existing resumes in the job board's database. Additionally, most of these boards, provide an automated mechanism for potential employees to directly apply for the position. The combination of all of these features, maximizes the potential for finding the right candidate for the position. Again, it behooves the employer, to post an advertised position on as many of the major job boards as possible, to maximize exposure. Additionally, it may behoove the employer to also advertise on one or more of the niche (or secondary) job boards specified below.

Employer Job Board Posting

It is now time to sign up and create account on the following job boards. These job boards are the most reputable, respected job boards on the Internet. Again, well-qualified employees may not frequent each of these boards (for example, they may have their favorite in this list), so it may behoove you as an employer, to post the position on as many of these as possible.

MAJOR Employer Job Boards

You should create an account and post your job to the following most-respected and highly utilized job boards (click on the links below):

SECONDARY Employer Job Boards

Additionally, you may want to consider posting your job to some of the following well-respected niche job boards:

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