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If you have recently been layed off due to the fact that your job has been made obsolete, it may a good time to consider some Career Counseling, to find other occupations that may be commensurate with your abilities, education, and work experiences. Moreover, if you are looking for a career change, it may also be a good time to seek career counseling. Career counseling, in its purest form, is educating oneself of the careers and opportunities that are available in the workforce. Very often a change in careers will warrant additional formal education or special training. It may behoove you to talk to a professional career counselor, if you are seeking a career change, to learn the steps that need to be taken to enter your chosen field. Regardless of the career path you embark on, it will always behoove you to be computer-literate; hence, any sort of computer training you receive, can be extremely beneficial, and can provide you with an edge over other job applicants.

Career Training Aides

The following companies offer computer-based career counseling and training courses, which can be conveniently taken from your home computer, with an internet connection:

Career Counseling Books

If you are looking for additional reading on the subject of Career Counseling, you may want to browse through our Career Books Store.

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